Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Layering the Printables...

I've been working on something for a while...

But, before I tell you what it is, let's back up a minute...

I love to layer. I am sure you know that. I love scraps and I love pattern. I also love mixed media work. 

Well, here's the thing. Sometimes I want just a hint of mixed media on my page, but I don't want to get out all my paints, stamps, mists, etc... and work something up just to layer it under 28 other papers. 

Or, sometimes I just want one little heart that isn't plain white. I want to be able to punch it out of a messy mixed media page.

Or, maybe I just want to die cut a banner shape and have it look custom in an instant, you know....without having to whip out the paints and such...

So, that got me thinking. Why couldn't I create some printables? But, not your typical printables.

Why not your typical printables? Well - I don't want pre-determined tags, arrows, banners, or journaling cards with phrases on them. There is nothing wrong with that, but I tend to have plenty of those things already in my stash, plus I don't tend to use them all that much.

I want something that is completely customizable! 

So.... What am I holding in my hand???

My new Printable Layering Papers, that's what! YAY!!!

I have been scrapbooking with these for a bit already and now they are available in my Etsy Shop!

You might have already seen the layouts that I have used these layering papers on...
You can find more information about this layout here

So, can you spot the layering papers? See all of the lovely blue with the clouds? Yep! That's them. They are all from the Clouds Printable Set. Oh, and speaking of clouds... those larger blue ones were fussy cut from the layering papers. FUN!

And then there is this layout...
You can read more about this layout here.

Can you find the layering papers? They appear in several places... The bottom right with the date, the left side with the journaling, the circle heart with the staple, and the top with the "love" word on it. These are all from the House Printable Set.

I also have a Rainbow theme set listed.

So, what all comes with the digital download? I'm so glad you asked...

The image above shows you the entire set... everything that is included with one purchase of $4.50.

This includes...

- 3 different 8 1/2 x 11 digital files.... 1 light version, 1 medium version, and 1 dark version of the images to suit your color needs and preferences. Each version includes 3 different 2x3 blocks and 3 different 3x4 blocks, as well as 8 different 1 inch circles
- 3 separate 4x6 journaling style cards
- 1  8 1/2 x 11 journaling card sheet

That's a total of 7 different digital files and when all cut out as is, 
you will have 59 different pieces!!!
All printables are PDF.

Did you notice that there are three color variations of the main printable sheet? I did this because I wanted the choice and variety. Sometimes I am looking for more contrast and sometimes I want something more subtle. With this variety included, you don't have to think about toning something down if it is too bright, or coloring over it if it is too subtle. My hope is that there is something for everyone and every project!

Come back and see me next week for a video of a project where I put these layering papers to use!

Oh yes, and of course I plan on adding more sets to the shop as time passes...

Thanks for stopping by and happy layering...


  1. These are gorgeous Ashli, and I love the way you incorporated them on your layouts!!

  2. These are great, I may have to indulge :-)

  3. Very cool! Great idea and love all the color options.

  4. Congratulations, Ashli. They are beautiful. This may very well push me into the world of digital downloads. Looking forward to the video. Michelle t

  5. Yes!!! This is awesome! I love that you have taken your personal art and made it available. You keep going with these ideas, cuz you are rockin!!


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