Thursday, March 20, 2014

What's That You Say?

Oh, yes. Numbers and I don't get along. It's like a foreign code to my brain. I struggled with math in school and still do to this day. Luckily, for my children's sake, they seem to have escaped this particular genetic defect. 

Thanks to my helpful and very math inclined 8 year old daughter, along with my husband, and of course modern inventions like the calculator... this has never been a huge issue for me. 

Most of the time it is just humorous and quite often the beginning of many jokes at mommy's expense.

So, I think this is an amusing topic to scrap and to include in my album. Maybe one day my great, great, great grandchildren will happen upon this page and it will explain to them why all of the other pages in the album are full of unevenly cut paper and wonky grids.

Plus, I have a ton of die cut numbers that I just don't know what to do with...

Let's scrap!

Here is the basic composition that I plan to go with. Large triangular patterns with numbers scattered about...
I like the idea of the numbers being sort of subtle, but not completely hidden. A simple smudging around with some white paint does the trick...
All of those die cut numbers are in place, but I want to push that idea more. A few cuts with my Sizzix and I have even more numbers at the ready...
OK, those are all set. Now, I found this die in my stash. It is from Amy Tangerine's latest collection. As you can see, I sliced it up and plan to only use a portion of it on my page. 
And with a few more embellishments and such, that pretty much does it!
I love how easily this page came together.
Somewhat ironic, actually... seeing as I was scrapping a story about something that is a challenge for me...

Ah numbers.... they get me every time!
What's that...

You say?
No worries - I plan to stick to uneven paper and wonky grids!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am totally the same - complete number 'illiterate'. Love the white paint and the smudging.

  2. I struggle with numbers as well. Really cool idea!

  3. Very clever! A fun, inspired page. Enjoyed this on a day I sorely needed a pick me up. And your Michelle t

  4. Great story to scrap Ashli, and I love how you incorporated the numbers!!


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