Tuesday, September 24, 2013


That's right! I made it for three whole months... and I am super proud to show you my completed "Project Life" inspired summer mini book!

If you missed the previous posts about this project, you can find them here:

Project WHAT?!?!
Still Documenting

And now for the final spread of August:
For some strange reason, every time I load the image below into blogger - it takes on a strange brown tint. So frustrating! It's not like that in my photo editor and didn't do that when I uploaded it to my Two Peas Gallery. Argh! Anyone know what could be causing that?

(Edited to Add... Figured it out! Woo Hooo! See, the image looks nice? A quick search on the Blogger help page and I found out the Google Plus, which is connected to blogger, added a default "auto correct images" feature. All I had to do was uncheck the box and viola! Better looking pict! So - if this happens to you, you will know what to do! YAY!)

Anyhoo... moving on...

I decided to go with more full-photo pockets for this month. I had less photos than July and many of the photos I had included contained ample space for journaling directly onto the print...

I also put a fun new app to use this month... Photo365. I shot one photo everyday and this fun app loaded them into a little calendar that I then printed out at 4x6 and made into this insert page:
It really is fun to see a month of photos like this!
And then it flips over...
To this! The back side of this insert provided the perfect opportunity to highlight one of my favorite photos of the month:
And, I even got to put that adorable October Afternoon girl with the umbrella to use!
We had lots of celebrations and adventures in August. Many of them will appear as full 12x12 pages in my regular albums, but it is super fun to see little snapshots of them all in one spread like this.

I had two pictures of our rainy day coloring, so I included a little interactive photo flip book:

And then I kept it simple for the back page as this will be seen through the acrylic back cover:
And there we have it! A summer documented:

Full of lots of tidbits and details:

I really had fun with this approach. And now, I am looking forward to journaling away in my Fall Mini!


  1. Can't help you with the uploading issue, sorry. Can say it does it to me sometimes :(

    Great job keeping up with and finishing that project! It looks wonderfully you.

  2. That is one set of fabulous pages. I love any albums that have pockets and tags and things that do things. Well done to you for keeping up with the project.
    Hugs, neet xx
    ps sorry I can't be of help.

  3. The mini really looks graet! so you!!!! Love it!!!

  4. Love how this turned out, Ashli! What a fun record of your summer happenings. :)

  5. Wow I love your interactive and detailed pages. I think I may have to start some kinda version of PL as I take far too many pics to continue big layouts!

  6. So awesome, Ashli!
    I really need to get going on mine. All I have done so far is the title page!

  7. I love how free and easy yours looks- I started out that way but somehow became too regimented- it's not as fun. Love how you included your signature twine!! This is lively (I meant lovely but that spelling works too- lol!)

  8. So cool to see your finished album! I love that you took this idea and made it work for you. :)


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